How annoying are selfie sticks at a music festival? They block other people’s view, they poke innocent passers-by, they are super uncomfortable to carry around…
But what if you could document your festival experience in an entirely unobtrusive way?

Today we present to you: the first wearable drone: Nixie.
Until now, drones haven’t exactly been on the ‘the list of things to take to an openair’. In fact, they weren’t even permitted unless you were working at the fest itself!

Now, the winds of change have come to the live events scene.
Imagine your very own wristwatch drone documenting your music festival experience for you! With the flick of your wrist you can set your drone free, and it will immediately start to capture HD photos and movies and sync with your smartphone while you are busy raving away to Skrillex on the stage! Use your phone to command it to come back and it will find its way to your wrist without you having to worry. Pretty cool, right?

The mini quadcopter is not yet available to the mass market: It is still in development (the Nixie team won the grand prize at Intel’s “Make it Wearable” challenge), but we see a very bright future for this awesome gadget. Can’t wait to get our hands on it, as soon as it comes out!




Written by mags

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