phonecharger at music festival

The Power Pocket has finally arrived!

Only 2% batteries left and no phone charger in sight?? That is every music festival goers biggest nightmare!
Just as you were about to record Rihanna’s mega performance your phone dies. And how are you going to find your friends in the crowd without your phone to guide you??

Fear not! The Power Pocket can be bought!

A new way of charging your phone has been invented, thanks to the collaboration between Vodafone and the department of electronics and computer science at the University of Southampton. It’s quick, it’s easy and you can do it whilst raving happily away or taking a wee nap.

This wearable technology takes the the form of hip denim shorts (Power Shorts) or a comfortable sleeping bag (Recharge Sleeping Bag) and charges your phone thanks to the heat generated by your body.

The creators of the charging device say that “eight hours in the sleeping bag, roughly speaking, will provide 24 minutes of talk time and 11 hours of standby time. That’s assuming the inside of the sleeping bag is 37 degrees – human body temperature.” If you are out and about the whole day, the Power Pockets will charge your phone up to four hours!

So get to to work guys and start charging them phones!

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