music festival tent

The Ultimate Music Festival Tent

You’ve got to love camping at music festivals! It evokes in me the unique feeling of community and adventure (yes, adventure: after all, how often do you get to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people) 🙂 The thing is – come morning rays of sunshine, and you… Read more »

music festival backpack

The Music Festival Backpack of the Future

Fanny packs, drawstring backpacks, old-school bags, even cloth-shopping bags do the trick at music festivals. They manage to carry our essentials during the fest day. But if you think about it: they are not very functional… What if you could have the ultimate bad-ass festival pack that would enhance your music-festival experience? Today we introduce… Read more »


The Hottest Music Festival Gadget this Year

How annoying are selfie sticks at a music festival? They block other people’s view, they poke innocent passers-by, they are super uncomfortable to carry around… But what if you could document your festival experience in an entirely unobtrusive way? Today we present to you: the first wearable drone: Nixie. Until now, drones haven’t exactly been… Read more »