music festival tent

You’ve got to love camping at music festivals! It evokes in me the unique feeling of community and adventure (yes, adventure: after all, how often do you get to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag, surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people) 🙂

The thing is – come morning rays of sunshine, and you can’t really continue in your state of sweet slumber… The tent gets hot and stuffy and it’s impossible to catch priceless, additional minutes of sleep!

A group of outdoor aficionados decided to tackle this problem and they came up with the ultimate music festival super tent. Siesta4 is most probably what we, festival goers, have been looking for since a long time. It uses a high-quality reflective shell that blocks the light and heat to make sleeping comfortable and, more importantly, possible in the mornings.
A cool thing about it is that it comes with a built in USB-powered fan that ventilates the tent with a  breeze.

Gone are the days of little shut-eye! Now you will be rested and ready to rumble during your next awesome festival day!

Heard of any other awesome music-festival inventions? Let us know! We’d love to hear about all the gizmos and gadgets you love!


Written by mags

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