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Fanny packs, drawstring backpacks, old-school bags, even cloth-shopping bags do the trick at music festivals. They manage to carry our essentials during the fest day. But if you think about it: they are not very functional…
What if you could have the ultimate bad-ass festival pack that would enhance your music-festival experience?

Today we introduce to you the superhero’s backpack of the 21st century: iBackPack.

Built in batteries, speaker, GPS, Wi-Fi – all you could need from a contemporary backpack…and it actually looks pretty cool too (you get to choose your own design – yay!)

Just imagine: you’re in the crowd, lost your friends and your phone batteries are just about to die… Tadaaa: iBackPack to the rescue — it has multiple USB charging ports with retractable cords so you and friends can power up. The batteries are the strongest you can get for commercial use in the market, so they will hold longer than anything you’ve seen until now! There is also talk of a wireless charging pad which means you can stick your phone/iPad into the backpack and it will magically recharge. Oh, and the backpack actually recharges itself thanks to the integrated solar panels – magic!

Just imagine: you took that amazing photo and want to have it immediately uploaded to Instagram or Facebook BUT the network at the fest just ain’t working as you need it to.
Tadaaa: The backpack has an built-in personal hot-spot, just for you and 6 of your friends!

Just imagine: getting ready in the tent area before the day’s concerts kick-off, you could really do with some tunes. The pack sports Bluetooth speakers that can pair with multiple devices, allowing you and friends to hear what you want wherever you are.

Just imagine: In all the chaos and mayhem of the fest all of a sudden you have misplaced your beloved backpack. Fear not! Thanks to its GPS and its tracking app you are able to always find it

I must say…not a bad accessory to have. What do you guys think?

Heard of any other funky music-festival inventions? Let us know! We’d love to hear about all the gizmos and gadgets you love!


Written by mags


Bourgeois Boheme Vegan Flip Flops

This backpack is totally rad! Maybe apart from its lame corporate design, but I’m sure all those digital nomads will be happy to buy one 😉

mags mags

Yeah, they could really think about making the backpack a bit more ‘wearable’ – it looks kind of chunky at the moment…Nonetheless, I’d be more than happy to get one of these babies to be able to cover ALL of this summer’s fests 🙂


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