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Music lovers hungry to explore new bands, young artists looking to connect with people in the industry or those who simply enjoy live music in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, can all be found at the annual M4Music festival in Zurich.

I went this year and have to say: I really enjoyed almost everything about the fest.
There is a great atmosphere and vibe. You can clearly feel the energy as soon as you step into the venue. You immediately follow the sound coming from different stages, moving your body, raising your hands, singing along to the Indie, Hip Hop, Pop and Electro beats. It definitely makes you feel alive.

One of the great acts at this year’s m4music was Len Sander. Her music has depth: Pop music elements mixed with electronic beats and a powerful voice – can’t get much better than that!  All this combined with her energy and energetic interaction with the crowd, ensured that nobody in the room was able to keep their feet on the ground.

Other great shows were offered by the Villagers, Tube & Berger and many more.

Impressive visual effects were seen at almost every performance this year, making it an experience not just for your ears, but also your eyes and all your senses.

These 3 days were not just filled with great music, they also provided lots of inspiration for artists and visitors during the various conferences and keynote speeches from known artists. Two sessions that definitely grabbed my attention were the interviews with Viv Albertine, the UK punk-icon from The Slits and rapper Everlast. What impressed apart from the success they had (and still have) in the music business was their strong characters and incredible amounts of confidence.

Although Viv and Everlast have completely different lives and professional stories, there is one thing that they have in common: They have a fierce love for what they do. They make music, which they feel in their hearts, rather than creating music which their producers think might sell. As Everlast said: money changes everything. Once you think about money, paying your bills at the end of the month, you get dependent on what the market wants, what people want to hear, rather than what you, as a musician, feel like creating. Your creativity might get lost at that point. So stay true to yourself and follow your passion!

M4music was a treat for the ears and soul. I can definitely recommend checking it out next year!

Special thanks to Karin_Vaia for submitting her awesome review!
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Photo credits to m4music.ch  Alessandro Della Bella, Eduard Meltzer.


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