Festival food frenzy

The day has no end for her. 20hours straight of cooking: chopping, boiling, frying, sizzling. She feels exhausted but she knows she must press on. Afterall, this is her chance to make a breakthrough and the festival only lasts 3 day, anyway.
3 days?! Day one hasn’t even finished and she is already running short on pickles…!

Meet Azalina. She is one of the food vendors at Outside Lands, an annual festival that takes place in San Francisco.

Her goal: obviously to sell lots of yummy food but also to gain exposure in the market. The festival is visited by 65,000 participants, so what better way to market yourself: Build your brand, raise awareness, increase sales.
If you think running a food stall at a festival is easy, think twice. The stress, the chaos, the adrenaline, the excitement…”It’s basically building a small restaurant from scratch in a day,” says Azalina, and it is one hell of an adventure!

Going to a festival as a participant is one thing, but actually working at one is a whole different ball-game.
Ever wondered what it is like to work at a music festival?
Check out how much blood and sweat (well, not literally, but you know what I mean 😉 goes into providing food to the army of hungry festival goers. And there are thousands of us…

So with music festival season 2016 just around the corner (OMG: Glasto, V Fest, Bestival or T in the Park!!), don’t forget to be nice to the awesome food providers and compliment them if you enjoyed their food!

Bon appetit!

Oh, and dont forget to tell us what your preferred food at a festival is 🙂

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Outside Lands is amazing, those ppl make one of the most food-aware fests on the planet. Period.
On a side note, I can’t say i’m a big fan of food served at festivals (OK, fests w/ gourmet food are still exceptionally rare), but my usual picks are tacos, nachos and stuff like this. And i almost forgot, obviously burrito makes the cut 😉

mags mags

Hi Ranger!
Your enthusiasm concerning festival food is contagious!
I agree with you: festival food still has a long way to go…but i am happy to report that there is a glimmer of hope at the end of that tunnel;) last year we checked out Montreux Jazz Festival (in Switzerland) and they had the biggest food selection you’ve ever seen! Literally hundreds (it definitely seemed like HUNDREDS:)) of food-stalls lined up along the bank of lake Geneva, selling anything your heart desired: from gourmet hot-dogs to local Sri Lankan specialities… Were it not for the music, I could have easily spent the whole festival checking out all that food…
Can you recommend any other fest, where you found the food mouth-watering? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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