digital bottle connecting festival people

You know how at music festivals everything glimmers and glows, shimmers and shines? All the neon lights and flashy lasers! It’s an inevitable part of any music festival. Have you noticed though, that most of the glow comes from the stage and overhead lights – not so much from the crowd (unless its a Coldplay concert and you get wristbands that activate when they sing Viva la Vida)…
What if that were to change? What if the music festival scene could embrace what some of the world’s leading clubs have experimented with? What if the beverage you were holding could miraculously light-up, the moment the DJ cranks it up? Wouldn’t that be a view!

As we, from the technology scene know, innovation never sleeps. This is why, one of the world’s leading beer brands, Heineken, has decided to also embrace the power of tech and startup, and has created the first interactive bottle. A bottle that ignites when you cheers. A bottle that sparks when you sip and sleeps when left untouched. All in the name of connecting people with each other and the party.

Heineken embraced the Lean Startup mentality in developing this product: they needed only 10 weeks from brief to prototype. Then came the moment to introduce it to the market.
Check out for yourselves what they have created and let us know if that wouldn’t be the perfect addition to your favourite music festival! Nothing quite like having tech enhance the social experience of a party 🙂


Written by mags

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