Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for a FestBlast account?

Creating a FestBlast account is FREE! There are three ways to register your account:
  • connect to Facebook
  • connect to Google
  • sign up with your email address

Have not received an activation email?

If you have registered your account and have not received your activation email, don’t worry. We recommend checking your spam or junk folder first. If it isn’t there, click on the "Didn't receive confirmation email?" link on the Log in form to resend confirmation instructions. If you followed all these steps and still have no luck, then contact us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a confirmation email ASAP.

Have trouble logging in?

If your password is not working or you need a new password please follow the steps outlined in "Forgot your password?" section. Otherwise there are a few things you can try:
  • If your account is connected to Facebook or Google, click the "Facebook" or "Google" button on the Log in form.
  • Make sure your signup was successful. If you created a new account and can’t log in, request a new password – click on "Forgot your password?" link.
  • You may have mistyped your email address when you registered your account. Please create a new account.

Forgot your password?

If you don’t remember your password, you can receive reset password instructions by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link on the Log in form.

How to invite friends?

There are a couple of ways to do this.
If you are logged in, go to "Account settings" and in "Friends & followers" section you will be able to:
  • Import contacts – choose Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Hotmail to import your contacts. Only people who have an account on FestBlast will be sent an invitation.
  • Invite a friend – enter your friend’s email address and click "Invite" button to send him/her an invitation to join FestBlast.
Or simply tell your friends to visit :)

What's the difference between a friend and a follower?

Friends should be people you actually know and want to meet at the festival. During the event only your friends are visible on your festival map - for more information see "How to find your friends at the festival?" Every friend automatically becomes your follower.
While Followers are people who you don’t necessarily need to know in person. You don’t need the person’s approval to become their follower. You can simply like someone's music taste and follow them!
You can see the number of friends and followers in "Account settings" under "Friends & followers".

What are hearts and clips?

Hearts are the best way to show other users what you love. Each festival and artist can be "hearted" by you. Go ahead and show some love to your favorite festivals and artists!
Clips work pretty much like bookmarks for your favorite multimedia content on FestBlast. Just visit your favourite artist's or festival's page on FestBlast, scroll down to the "stream" section and "clip" the music video, tune or photo you like and it will immediately be added to your stream. This way you can effortlessly keep track of your favorite stuff!

What is the similar artists feature?

When it comes to music discovery, we believe in the combination of human expertise and cutting-edge technology. We love music and we know that the best music recommendations are given by friends. Just like a friend, FestBlast will familiarize with your music preferences and recommend similar artists/festivals you might enjoy.

FestBlast synchronizes with other services?

Yes! You can connect to your Facebook or Twitter account through FestBlast, allowing you to share your experience and post shout-outs live to your friends from any festival in the world. FestBlast’s unique fest-taste-meter™ is a one of a kind music taste analyzing engine, providing you with spot on fest recommendations. Simply synchronize your account with Spotify, Deezer, Facebook or and we will be able to suggest the best festivals for you, based on your fest-taste-meter™ score.

What is the fest-taste-meter™?

By synchronizing your FestBlast account with Spotify, Deezer, Facebook or the fest-taste-meter™ will determine your favorite artist and recommend the most suitable fest for you. This unique feature, developed specially for you by the FestBlast team, will analyze your taste in music and provide you with spot on fest recommendations.

How to buy tickets on FestBlast?

This feature will be available within the next few weeks. Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest FestBlast feature updates and more.

Is FestBlast available for iOS & Android?

Yes, yes and it’s FREE! You can find our app in the App Store as well as in the Google Play.

What is the difference between the FestBlast web app and the FestBlast mobile app?

The FestBlast platform consists of two complementary apps - web & mobile:
  • FestBlast web app is your all-in-one music festival organizer. Our web app will help you prepare your own festival lineup, buy tickets, organize carpool as well as pack your essential items. FestBlast’s web app is also equipped with one of a kind compare search engine, which based on your music taste will provide you with spot on music fest recommendations. The web app will allow you to manage your friends and followers as well as let you become a follower of other music lovers.
  • FestBlast mobile app is your all-in-one fest guide. This application will be extremely handy at any festival. With FestBlast mobile app you are able to: track down your friends, locate your car, tent, or any other important point of interest. You can also set alerts for shows and manage your own lineup. Simply, everything you can need during the festival will be at your fingertips.

How to find your friends at the festival?

Just invite your friends to FestBlast and make sure everyone has installed FestBlast mobile app. That’s it - check out our interactive maps and enjoy every festival with your friends!
Additionally, you can easily locate your car, tent or any of your favorite places on that very same map.

Heard about some cool festival, but it’s not featured on FestBlast yet.

We love to hear about all new fests! Just let us know at [email protected].

Going to a small festival and the lineup hasn’t been updated?

We are sorry to hear this, as we make every effort to ensure that all the information on FestBlast is complete and accurate. FestBlast only makes use of credible information providers, if any delay in update has occurred please let us know at [email protected] and we promise to fix it ASAP.

Your question wasn’t answered?

No worries! Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].