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Is your favorite band playing at numerous festivals this year... don't know which one to choose? Not to worry, FestBlast will search & compare all festivals based on your music taste to help you make the right choice.

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Warsaw, Poland
“Thanks to FestBlast preparing for the fest was as much fun as the festival itself!”
San Francisco, USA
“Yeah! Finally, there is an app that allows me to connect with others who were at the same fests as me!”
Mexico City, Mexico
“FestBlast makes the search for fests where my fave band is playing a breeze”

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Forget printed lineups and maps. Rock on with FestBlast - your one-stop shop for planning & personalizing any music fest!

With just a few taps you can create your own lineup, set show alerts and mark places of interests on our smashing fest maps. Never again get lost or be lost at a music fest. FestBlast will help you find your friends as well as get directions to & around the venue.

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